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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Roasted Pork with Apricot Preserves

Credit to this recipe goes to Bella from Bitch & Bake. I’ve been dying to make it for MONTHS but as there is no pork ย in Saudi Arabia, I had to wait until I was home in the Philippines to try it. Since my vacation included the holidays, I chose it as one of the dishes for my family’s Christmas lunch.

For the marinade, I used white table wine instead of limeade, used a little bit more apricot preserve (Filipinos love sweet dishes), and went easy on the chili sauce since there would be children eating.

I had no idea how to buy pork and didn’t even know what the cuts are called. I knew I needed pork tenderloin but didn’t know what it was called in my native language (I had to know since we would be buying from the local market). I asked my mother and she wasn’t sure either.

Mom: Is it “lomo”? That’s what I usually buy.
Me: Er… I don’t know. Is it soft?

It turned out to be lomo. Hehe. ย I sliced them while still raw and laid them in rows in a rectangular baking pan before pouring the marinade all over it.

After 45 minutes, it was ready for us to enjoy!

You know what might be better? Letting the meat marinate in the sauce for 24 hours in the fridge before cooking. I might try that next time. But just as is, the whole thing was deelish!!! And it was so good to eat along with the rest of the Christmas dishes: Mom’s homemade ham, steamed brown rice with pandan leaves, seafood pasta sauce with spinach fettuccine (added squid and tuna to this recipe), and pumpkin spiced cake for dessert.

Leftovers are good, too, even when eaten straight from the fridge. It’s easy to guess what I had for lunch today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cinnamon Muffins

For last night’s potluck, I had to think of something that wouldn’t require me to go out and buy ingredients. The first thing I thought of was cinnamon. I had lots of cinnamon! I browsed through recipes of various cinnamon rolls and breads but due to my previous efforts, I knew that any sort of bread would take forever and a day.

I needed something quick because I only had a few hours. Plus, I was distracted by The Walking Dead as I was trying to find time to watch all 5 episodes in one afternoon on top of all the stuff I had to do. Yep, zombies. Very appetizing.

It’s my first time to try out a recipe from King Arthur Flour. It requires lots of oats on the streusel topping, which was a big selling point for me. (I LOVE oats!) The muffins require 3-4 layers and I’m sure this first effort was a bit messy as the supposed creamy filling just managed to make it look marbled. I opted against a sugar drizzle since the streusel was already loaded with brown sugar. I also used chopped walnuts instead of pecans.

I used paper liners at first but the muffins ended up looking untidy. Pieces crumbled away and the the paper kept on separating from the muffin. Results were much better with a lightly-greased muffin pan. The muffins didn’t stick to the pan and I had no problem taking each one out. The caramel will ooze over the top of the muffins so place a baking sheet beneath your muffin pan to avoid drips.

The muffin is sturdier than I expected. It’s a solid snack and is more appropriate for brunch or teatime than as a dessert. But that didn’t stop Dad from finishing two right after lunch.

Is it yummy? Yes. But it’s not too sweet either. If you’re hoping for sugar overload, better pour confectionery sugar drizzle over it. I like it as it is and it tastes great with Japanese green tea. Thanks for the tea, Cris. ๐Ÿ˜€

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