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Barbecued Pork Spareribs

I made this last night and, to my surprise, it was pretty good for an extremely simple meal that that is thrown together in a hurry. I used similar herbs to the ones I used for my blackened trout recipe since it really worked out well.

Like the salmon recipe where I used store-bought teriyaki, I also used commercial barbecue sauce for this one. Not only is it handy but I really, really like Hunt’s Hickory and Brown Sugar Barbecue sauce. I also use it whenever I want to make no-stress baby back ribs. (Mostly because it’s so easy to ask Chris to do the marinating.) But, for this recipe, you can use any barbecue sauce of your choice whether it’s homemade or store-bought.

I served this one with shrimp with dill as an appetizer and a side of sliced eggplant — sauteed in a tiny amount of extra virgin olive oil — and chopped fresh tomatoes. While the ribs were baking, I prepared and chilled the appetizer and cooked the eggplant. It took around an hour to prepare and cook the whole meal.

Check out the recipe after the jump. 🙂

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Sweet Shrimp with Dill

This is fast becoming my favorite appetizer. I was looking for something to do with the shrimp and I found a nice recipe from All Recipes that I could base the dish on.

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Teriyaki Salmon with Cheesy Peppers

For some reason, I thought I already posted a teriyaki salmon recipe. And then I remembered that I haven’t even made one yet. Doh, Steffi.

The recipe is really very simple. I remember a baby back ribs recipe I found online that made use of commercially-produced barbecue sauce. Although some criticized the cook’s decision to not use homemade sauce, the poster firmly stressed that if the barbecue sauce is well made, then there shouldn’t be any reason to not use it. Which is exactly why I used store-bought teriyaki marinade.

We swear by World Harbors Maui Mountain Teriyaki marinade. C and I have used this for a lot of other dishes and it is really good with salmon. As for the salmon itself, I cooked it the same way I cooked the trout: by braising. I tried simply searing salmon and baking it in the past. But braising locks in the moisture and you can check it often to see if it’s cooked. It also takes a lot less time than baking.

Instead of picking up the usual large bell peppers, I got a bag of cute little ones in ShopRite. I like it so much more than the big ones. There are no or very little seeds and you can stuff it with all sorts of filling. In this case, I used mozzarella cheese as the peppers would only serve as a side dish to the already sizeable salmon. Velveeta is also an excellent alternative.

Served with our favorite merlot of the moment — Vendange — the meal was absolutely perfect. At least according to my husband. He’s being really nice; it’s our half-year wedding anniversary after all. 🙂

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Project Miki: Arroz a la Cubana

This is one of my favorite dishes simply because it is sooooo yummy and simple. Mom makes it really well and it’s my brother, Jiko, who appreciates it the most. Whenever I’m at home in the Philippines, Mom would always cook a huge pot of it. After we eat lunch, all the girls (me, Mom and little Sofia) would leave and go to the mall. By the time we’ve returned, Jiko would already be back from school and there would be barely a serving left of the Cuban rice.

I made a couple of revisions to Ms. Garcia’s recipe. I added tomato sauce and changed the peas to carrots — the way my Mom does it. Why? Because I like carrots better than peas and you should always have your Omega 3.

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Blackened Trout

This started because of Jersey sweet white corn. Yep, the trout was just an afterthought. It’s the first batch of corn this year in our area and Chris was really excited to make me try one of Jersey’s famous veggies. I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately (I feel like I’m 4 tons overweight!) so I figured that seared fresh fish is the way to go.

C husked the corn outdoors because he didn’t want to make a mess in the kitchen. Speaking of outdoors, our garden has been really useful. We now have a wealth of flowers — seriously, these things are fighting each other for space — including 4-inch wide roses like this yellow sunsprite I used as a centerpiece:

The herb garden made sure that I will never use dried herbs again. If you’re ever in the southwest New Jersey area, I recommend visiting Michael William Florist and Greenhouse. Their wide range of herbs and vegetables sell for 95 cents each and their lovely flowers are inexpensive, too.

Before I start rambling on about how much I enjoyed gardening for the first time, I better show you the recipe. 😀

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