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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Going Simple: Garlic Fried Rice (Sinangag)

Chris insists that I should post this on this blog. I didn’t want to at first because it was so simple! Who would want to read such a simple recipe?

But then Serious Eats has a recipe for boiling water.

One thing is essential: never, EVER use newly cooked rice. It’s always better to use leftover rice that was left in the fridge overnight because it has just the right texture to make good fried rice. This version of fried rice is not meant to be eaten alone; Filipinos mostly eat sinangag for breakfast along with their meat of choice. Most common accompaniments are salted fish (tuyo), smoked fish (tinapa), tapa (dried/cured beef), longganiza (pork sausage), and even regular fried hotdogs. Some serve egg with the meal, usually cooked sunny side up or over easy.

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