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Ginger, Coriander and Orange Braised Chicken

This is my absolute, most favorite chicken dish ever! It’s one of the first things I cooked when I was just starting to learn a year ago. I was so proud of myself because I managed to produce something edible that does not involve a can.

I pretty much stayed loyal to Steamy Kitchen’s recipe because I was not confident enough to change anything. Although I used red instead of white wine due to the latter’s unavailability, it still tasted good.

I served this to my friends when we had a poolside potluck dinner along with cherry-centred lemon muffins sometime last September 2010. I miss making it and another friend suggested that I should cook it again soon for our weekly get-togethers. This made me dig up this photo from my archive as I took it after my first try before I even started The Virgin Stove.

So, for those who like Chinese food and orange chicken, here’s Steamy Kitchen’s lovely recipe.

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