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Baked Mussels with Oats and Tomato

I was feeling particularly adventurous. Baked mussels and tomatoes are okay. But oats?! I first used oats in meatballs and I’m fascinated about using it in a dozen other ways now that I know how versatile it is.

I previously made garlic butter baked mussels using a more traditional recipe. While I wanted to eat baked mussels again, I didn’t want to eat the same exact dish so soon. So I decided to experiment.

I was a little nervous but, thankfully, it wasn’t the horrible dish I feared it would be. The oats lent a nice crunch to the soft mussels. I ate it with half a cup of white rice. What’s your side dish of choice?

Recipe after the jump.

Oat crazy

Oatmeal Meatball Pasta

Remember the pasta recipe where I used IKEA meatballs? Chris kind of made fun of me because I didn’t know how to make my own meatballs considering that they were (allegedly) easy to make. Dad told me that ┬áhe wanted spaghetti but he was too sleepy and lazy to cook. (Don’t let this statement mislead you, Dad cooks way more often than I do.) Considering that I had a couple of hours before he wakes up, I decided to try making meatballs from scratch.

The first thing I thought was: “$h1*, I don’t have breadcrumbs! ” Google saved me again and informed me that oats would be a healthier substitute for breadcrumbs in meatballs.

For the sauce, I used a variation of Bitch&Bake’s Three Ingredient Tomato Sauce. I wondered if butter is considered unhealthy but when I thought of worse alternatives like hydrogenated oil, lard, and vegetable oil, I happily dropped in the little block of butter.

This is also the first time for me to eat romano cheese with pasta, at least at home and not in a restaurant. There are evil canisters of romano alternatives in the supermarket, which try to convince the buyers that they’re cheap and just as good. Until you notice that there’s a tub of perfectly genuine shredded romano (but made with cow’s milk not ewe’s) beside it that is ironically cheaper than the fake version. *rofl*

My verdict: For a first time effort, it’s not bad at all. I thought it was reeeaally yummy but then I’m horribly biased. Sure, it could probably be better but this isn’t exactly a perfect-product-after-100-tries blog.

How she managed to make meatballs from scratch

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